Shine bright like a star, be a star

by Betty Steenbeek on November 01, 2018

The Star-Studded Collection is for the woman that is a star⭐️⭐️ (all women are stars) and wants a little more panache in her everyday wardrobe. With a pattern of multi-colored vintage metallic studs and ultra-soft leather, this collection is inspired by everyday women from all walks of life. From the sports mom who needs to carry her kids’ toys, to the business woman who needs to carry folders from one meeting to next, even the girl attending Lollapalooza for the first time. The Star-Studded Collection has a little piece for you no matter your style. Now who doesn’t like a little added detail? Tackle the day, be a star, everyday!


A few women show us how they use the Star-Studded Collection 

This wallet has been a lifesaver when I have only a few minutes break in between class ✏️📚 and I don’t feel like carrying my change in my hands. A few girls in the vending machine line loved it too.

– Ashley from Buffalo, New York 


I remember that I never wanted a book bag for school, since I am always on the run from work, school 🙋, or workout classes, I wanted a bag that I could take everywhere. I work during the day at my 9-5 so I needed something professional for when I present to business partners but something flexible enough to hold my books🎓. The Pompe bag solves all my needs! I can take my school folders and my work laptop all in one. Best of all this bag is cute and versatile.

– Brittany from San Antonio, Texas 


I attend about 3 music festivals a year🎤🎸…. Ok, maybe a little more. The point is I need a bag that’s gonna last all those long summer festival nights where it gets too hot🌞. I also need a bag that I know wont break on me like my previous 2 bags. The festival bag has literally been through soo much but has always been reliable. I love the little beaded detail that gives it sorta a boho-glam vibe. It really makes all my outfits shine. I cant wait for my next festival! 

– Lara from Virginia Beach, Virginia


I have 3 boys👶👶👶 and I need a sturdy bag to keep me sane. While my boys go from school, to swimming practice🏊, or detention (I promise they are good), I need my bag to hold all my important documents and notebook … plus fashionable date nights with my husband 💋when he gets off work. Being a mom is not easy! Let me tell you, this bag has been nothing but good to me 24/7.  I love how I can one minute I can be with my boys getting ice cream and the next a business dinner with my husband🍷. I need that wine after a long day.... If you’re looking for an everyday bag, I guarantee this one gets the job done.

– Swim mom from Kansas City, Missouri