Stay ahead of the trends with timeless leather belts for every season. A vintage cognac leather belt for jeans is a style staple. Suede leather belts in fun colors are also a surprisingly transitional look. Don't forget to snag a classic black leather belt for your nights out on the town. Handmade with Italian full-grain leather in the Netherlands, we have the best belts for men & women.

Best Basics

40509 Daphne | oval buckle leather belt


45501 Pip | Vintage Round Buckle Leather Belt for Jeans


40040 Robyn| Classic Vintage Gold Buckle Leather Belt for Jeans


35001 Xavi | Center Stitch Leather Belt


40032 Mattie | Men's Full Grain Leather | Gold Squared Buckle


35043 Vicky | Double C Ring Buckle Leather Belt


35018 Dieke | Classic Women's Leather Belt for Jeans | Silver Buckle


40003 Dani | classic rugged leather belt


40037 Jodi | Statement Buckle Classic Leather Belt


45505 Pip 2.0 | Vintage Gold Round Buckle Leather Belt For Jeans