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Find a premium leather belt or bag that will last you a lifetime. Amsterdam Heritage is a leader in handcrafted leather accessories. Our styles range from vintage leather handbags that beautify with age all the way to studded leather belts that make a bold statement! Each piece was build with durability & function in mind so rest assured that these leather accessories will last years of wear. Browse through our Leather Accessory Investment Pieces.

Leather Accessory Investment Pieces

PREORDER 60602 Julia | Women's Wide Leather Waist Belt for Dresses with Gold Accents


40042 Eve | Oval Buckle Vintage Leather Belt


8019 Tucker | Timeless Leather Weekender Bag


8020 Tuck | Casual Leather Unisex Messenger Bag


8022 Kurt | Unisex Leather Wallet


35064 Serpentina | Classic Leather Snake Belt for Jeans


E100 Francesca | Leather Featherette Earring