This season, you'll need to make sure you've upgraded your closet with premium leather belts and bags to finish your looks. Pick up one of our classic belts for jeans made of soft real leather & don't be afraid to try alternative materials like cowhide or our new braided leather bags. Amsterdam Heritage is a leader in premium leather belts for jeans & dresses. Handmade with Italian full-grain leather in the Netherlands, we have the best belts for men & women. 

New Arrivals

35035 Drika | Classic Women's Leather Belt | Gold Buckle


40042 Eve | Oval Buckle Vintage Leather Belt


40044 Faye | Studded Vintage Leather Belt


60000 Naomi | Women's Wide Leather Waist Belt | Gold Buckle


8015 Helmes | Large Leather Bucket Bag for Women


8018 Hols | Small Leather Bucket Bag for Women