womens leather vintage belts

Complete any outfit with a vintage leather belt that never goes out of style. Braided leather waist belts are a perfect combination with floral bohemian dresses & a soft brown leather belt for jeans is a style staple. Studded leather belts & statement buckles are trends that continue to reinvent themselves so you know they'll be included here! Explore our handcrafted vintage fashion belts and give yourself a classic look. 

Women's Vintage Leather Belts

45501 Pip | Vintage Round Buckle Leather Belt for Jeans


50006 Greta | Woven Wide Leather Belt


45012 Katya | studded boho leather belt


35504 Freya | vintage double ring leather belt


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45011 Kay | classic leather belt


40036 Zoëy | Suede Leather Belt with Round Buckle


40037 Jodi | Statement Buckle Classic Leather Belt


35058 Irena – Women's Teal Studded Leather Belt | Antique Silver Studs


45505 Pip 2.0 | Vintage Gold Round Buckle Leather Belt For Jeans


35057 Luca | Men's Squared Buckle | Full grain Leather