Jean Belts


Indulge in the ultimate expression of style with our exquisite collection of leather jeans belts, seamlessly blending classic and modern designs to perfectly complement any occasion. Crafted from premium quality materials by our skilled artisans, easily slide our leather belts in your jeans loops to exude effortless elegance.

Pip | Vintage Round Buckle Leather...


Dani | Classic Rugged Leather Belt


Dieke | Classic Leather Belt Silver...


Pip 2.0 | Vintage Gold Round...


Vicky | Double C Ring Buckle...


Jodi | Statement Buckle Classic Leather...


Daphne | Oval Buckle Leather Belt


Irena | Studded Leather Belt |...


Soraya | Studded Leather Belt with...


Drika | Classic Leather Belt Gold...


Chicago | Leather Urban Jacket


Munroe | Leather Biker Jacket