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How To Care For Your Leather Bag

Taking care of your leather

At Amsterdam Heritage, we just love leather bags. They are classy, stylish yet durable at the same time.

Nevertheless, since all of our handbags are handmade with love and made of the finest Italian leather, they are true investment pieces. The leather materials used have been treated with processes including vegetable tanning or coating, giving the product a distinctive feel. To make sure your bags will last a lifetime, there are a few simple lessons to be learned. We will provide the most important lessons and tips on how to care for your leather bag properly to ensure your investment piece will last and remain soft and reliable for many years to come!

Leather material


Store your bags in a dust bag for minimal exposure to dust and the elements.

Let’s not forget that leather is skin! It may be tough, but you should treat it with the same love as if it was your own. First of all, leather needs ventilation to prevent from rotting. Make sure that your leather breathes, which means that air can naturally pass through. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to never seal up your leather or transport it in plastic (this includes a plastic grocery bag as well!) Use the storage/dust bag instead for minimal exposure to dust and the elements. We provide one with every bag, so make sure to hold on to it closely and your bag will be just fine.

Protect your leather bags from exposure to extreme sunlight and humidity to reduce the partial loss of color

Just like regular fabrics, leather can shrink and dry out. This mistake is easily made and happens more often than you would imagine. If your bag or belt gets waterlogged, it’s tempting to use a hairdryer or heater to speed up the drying process. Nevertheless, if you love your leather, don’t ever use one! Instead, even if it takes a few days, let it dry out naturally. This includes keeping it out of the sunlight. Let it dry out in a cool and dry place to prevent the colors from fading. 

Leather material

Prevent your bags from overfilling!

Ladies, listen up. Prevent your bags from overfilling. We all use our bags on a daily basis, stuffing it up with everything we need. Sadly, leather does not spring back to its original form! Keep this in mind while packing your bag. Also, accidental scratches may occur, and these can be easily reduced by massaging the skin gently. This should bring the dyes installed at the tannery back to the surface of the leather skin and reduce the appearance of the scratch.

Keep it clean.

This might be our most important tip: do not use any soap or cleanser when cleaning your leather bag. Use a brush instead. Brush your leather down with a damp cloth or paper towel, starting by brushing any dirt. The most common mistake made when caring for leather is getting the skin too wet or rubbing the material too hard. Keep in mind that water drastically changes leather! Especially when you’re rubbing too hard, the color can come off and change easily. 

Let it be

Good quality leather changes over time. The skin will get softer and develop color changes. Our bags and belts are crafted with premium leather, which makes sure all Amsterdam Heritage products become more beautiful over time with use and wear. Just let it beautify as the time passes by!

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