Men's Collection

From handcrafted premium leather belts and classic leather bags to motorcycle jackets, knitted accessories, and men’s apparel, our collection is curated to build the modern man’s wardrobe, bringing together essential pieces with timeless style.

Espanola | Anthracite Men's Corduroy Button-Down...


Gio | Unisex Knit Beanie


PREORDER Alen | Unisex Faded Leather...


Hobbs | Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Frontage | Ash Grey Casual Long...


Ari | Unisex Vintage Leather Belt


Fontainebleau | Blue Circles Men's Elevated...


PREORDER Alvin | Timeless Casual Leather...


Jay | Soft Knit Beanie


Tim | Crossbody Leather Satchel



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