womens classic belts

Leather belts are an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. Buckle up your boyfriend jeans with a vintage brown leather belt or cinch up your waist with a leather waist belt for dresses. Have fun with timeless leaopard print or grab an elegant black leather belt with a bold buckle in silver or gold to elevate your weekend outfits. Grab what's missing in your collection today with one of our handcrafted classic leather belts. 

Women's Classic Leather Belts

35043 Vicky |double c ring buckle leather belt


35018 Dieke | Classic Women's Leather Belt for Jeans | Silver Buckle


40506 Catherine | Women's Classic Leather Belt | Gold Buckle


30507 Carissa | brown crocodile loop buckle leather belt


40509 Daphne | oval buckle leather belt


60506 Desiree | gold hardware wide leather belt


50001 Elsa | oval buckle wide leather belt


40611 Reign | Gold Buckle White Leather Belt


40035 Stan | Suede Leather Belt with Square Buckle


40037 Jodi | Women's Classic Leather Belt | Gold Statement Buckle