The Bella Italia collection unveils belt buckles meticulously handcrafted by masterful Italian artisans in the heart of Florence. Complementing these exquisite pieces, our skilled Dutch craftsmen dedicate their expertise to shaping leather straps from the finest Italian materials.

From sketch to reality

The creative journey of belt buckles begins as all designs do, with sketches brought to life on pen and paper. From there, a wax model is carefully shaped, serving as the foundation for the first prototype.

Made in Italy

Each buckle is expertly crafted from a durable metallic material called zamak, ensuring its composition remains free from harmful substances like lead and nickel. A galvanic process adds the desired color and with decorative elements the design is brought to life.

Heritage Continued

While the belt buckles are made in the hands of Italian artisans, the leather straps that complement these jewels are handcrafted in the Netherlands using the finest full-grain Italian leather.


At Amsterdam Heritage, our belt buckles and leather straps are sold separately. This deliberate choice is made to empower our customers, allowing them to become the designers of their own unique belts, fostering creativity to flourish.