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5 Fashionable Belts Every Woman Should Own

Buckle up your mom jeans, summer shorts or complement your blazer: these belts are must haves!

The right accessories can reflect your personality and add a dose of style to many simple items like a white t-shirt, jeans or a little black dress. Although a lot of women know how to select their clothing wardrobe essentials, few make sure to add perfect accessories as fundamental pieces of their wardrobe. To help guide you in selecting the right accessories for your wardrobe, we are providing 5 suggestions that we feel are stylish, classic and never out of style which you can use to buckle up your mom jeans, summer shorts, complement your evening dress or cinch a black blazer. These belts practically go with every outfit!

What do a white t-shirt, a little black dress and a mom jeans have in common with a black blazer, a wrap dress and a black leather jacket?

They're all wardrobe essentials and we’re confident that every woman should own at least one of them. These timeless items could last decades and are perfect to wear any time of the year.

While many women easily add these clothing items to their wardrobe essentials, accessories are unfortunately often forgotten. Such a shame!  Accessories like handbags, belts or clutches not only show your style personality (for selecting your favorite accessories to pair with your outfit) but are also crucial in completing your outfit. Key accessories make your day to day dressing easier and change the look of your basic styles by adding color, details and texture.



Classic Belt

Every woman needs at least one classic, clean belt in her wardrobe. This is the belt you want to take everywhere because it matches with any outfit and adds that final touch of elegance. It’s an essential which never goes out of style and is special enough to hold onto during fall, winter, spring and summer! Our Elin Classic Leather Belt  is part of our Classic Collection and is for every woman, style and corner in the world. A staple simply put. Best of all? With its high-quality Italian Leather and hardware, we guarantee years of use.

Braided Leather Belt

We all know that a finishing touch really makes or breaks your final look. With rows of braided leather and no need for belt holes, a braided belt will never let you down. You can fit the belt perfectly on your hips or on your upper waist, and with so much versatility, you may want to grab 2 different colors from our leather braided belts collection! Use our Joan belt as a perfect accent to style your dresses and tops.

Extra-long belt – Jet Loop Buckle Belt

A sleek, modern extra-long belt gives you more styling options than ever before. This loop buckle-less belt allows your imagination to go wild. Wrap it around your waist with your favorite pair of shorts or dress for an added fun detail that creates curves. The knotted look is great for flirty summer dresses, giving your outfit a casual look. Get ready for summer and lay your hands on our Jet Loop Buckle Belt.

Statement Belt

Whether it’s an animal inspired belt or an embellished belt with a statement buckle, every closet needs an oversized statement belt if you really want to turn heads. Luckily, we’ve got a special studded collection as well as an animal inspired collection , so you have loads of options! Whether you’re a big fan of snake prints, cow hair or rows of studs, we’ve got it all.

Studded Belt

Spice up your style with a studded belt. This is a surefire way to add glitz to an outfit! Every woman should own a unique belt for special moments. Wear this belt on your dress or with your pants remembering to half tuck your blouse and show off this eccentric piece! Our Zina Studded gold buckle belt definitely won’t let you down.

studded gold buckle belt


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