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The Perfect Fall Bag

Why the Kalter bag is the perfect bag for fall

Summer is over, September has started, and the days are shorter. We cannot deny it; Fall is on its way. A busy season in which we pick up where we left off before summer - back to work, working out and working on your daily schedule. The only thing missing is your perfect everyday bag. Today, we will tell you why the Kalter bag is the perfect bag for the fall season.

Ready for work

Fully recharged and with the memories of summer in the back of our minds, we are going back to work. The Kalter bag is the perfect bag to wear with your fall outfit. This bag is not only stylish, but also functional to wear for work. Everything you need fits in, like your laptop, charger, lunch, and wallet.

The reason that the Kalter bag is so stylish, is because of its unique and cross-cultural design. The bag is available in the colors black and cognac. Two colors that match with every outfit - especially in the fall - but are also great to wear during every other season of the year.

Once this bag has travelled the world with you, it’s a piece you’ll never want to get rid of. The bag also includes a top zip closure as well as interior gussets, to give the bag a more tapered shape. This means the bag is wearable in two ways, you’ll never get tired of it.

Business woman holding a black leather bag

The matching Kamer bag & Kallis wallet

After a long day of work, you deserve a bit of time to relax. Do you want to go out with friends? Have dinner with your partner? Or pay a quick visit to your favorite store? These are all occasions where a smaller bag might be convenient. Good thing Amsterdam Heritage has created another great bag that might just be perfect for these moments.

The Kamer bag is the Kalter bag’s little sister. And no worries, you don’t have to say goodbye to the design of the Kalter bag. The Kamer bag has the same colors, quality and beauty as the Kalter bag. The only difference is the size. The Kamer bag is perfect to put in your phone, wallet, keys, charger, and lip-gloss. Perfect for your after-work activities, right?

Speaking of wallets; the Kallis wallet is also a perfect match to wear with your Kalter bag. This wallet has the same look and feel as the Kalter bag, which provides a stylish and classic design.

The Kalter bag is a bag that is perfect for every opportunity, from lunch dates, to work and your journeys all over the world. More than enough reason to invest in this piece, right?

Woman holding a Kalter leather bag


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