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The Studded 2.0 Collection

Introducing: The Studded 2.0 collection

Studded belts have existed for years. Especially in the years 2010 to 2015 these belts were a hit. After these years, the studded look subsided a bit. With a fresh approach and renewed designs, we are bringing the studded trend back with the studded 2.0 collection.

Woman wearing a jean skirt and studded leather belt

Amsterdam Heritage is bringing back the trend with its new collection: Studded 2.0. An innovated collection that is elaborated in detail with different kinds of studs. From flat plated, round, high and low studs to different colors. The belts will be an addition to your classy outfit or a statement piece to catch the eye. These accessories are a perfect addition to your summer outfit, or to your jeans in winter.

The studded 2.0 collection now consists of four different designs. As we speak, there is a second color being created for every belt. This means that in November every belt will be available in two colors and the studded 2.0 collection will be expanded from four, to eight studded belts. If we were you, we’d add them to our Christmas wish list already!

The collection

To give you a good impression of the studded 2.0 collection, we’ll walk you through the products. We start off with the Soraya belt. This studded beauty is inspired by the classic Pip belt. The Soraya belt is where boho meets glam in the most natural way. An accessory that will spice up your outfit!

The second belt we want to introduce, is the Daya belt. With a beautiful mix of bronze, gold and dark metal studs, this cognac belt makes sure you look better than ever!

The third belt from the studded 2.0 collection is Ezra. This black belt with square buckle is the belt you never know you missed, until you saw it. With its fishtail studs, the Ezra belt will add some sparkle to your outfit on your night out.

The last item of the studded 2.0 collection is the Fiona belt. This piece is a must have if you want to add some glam to your outfit. With its round buckle and geometric patterns, the Fiona belt adds the perfect amount of sparkle and gives your outfit an interesting edge.
Studded leather belts from Amsterdam Heritage


If this introduction doesn’t make you race to the website to get your hands on one (or 4) of the studded 2.0 collection belts, we don’t know what will! Shop them here.

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