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Belts for Him

Belts for Him

Whether you only wear a belt to keep your pants up or to complete your outfit: it is definitely a necessary accessory in each wardrobe. We highlight the essential belts that cannot miss in a men's wardrobe. All belts are handmade in the Netherlands from high quality Italian full grain leather, the finest there is that will ensure durability for everyday wear.

Man standing in front of Eiffel tower holding a leather bag and wearing a leather belt

The Xavi and Dani leather belts are perfect for every outfit. Once you have seen them, they will definitely become one of your favorite belts! You can style these belts in many ways. For example, with a casual or a more dressier outfit. The belts will complement your outfit either way.

Men's leather belts

Both the Xavi and Dani belt come in four colors. Xavi is available in black, cognac, grey and brown. Dani in black, cognac, camel and brown. This is why these belts are a perfect match for every outfit. The dynamic colors and the beautiful leather make your outfit shine even more. Especially in fall & winter season these colors will complete your fall look. With a stitching accent along the center and double loops, the Xavi belt will be a quick favorite you’ll never want to get rid of. The Dani belt is also a belt you probably want to wear forever. The best way to describe this great colored belt is wonderfully rugged. These belts will make your entire outfit stand out.

Leather belts for men


The holidays are on its way and this makes these belt the perfect holiday gift. You could make someone else very happy, but it is also good to treat yourself sometimes! You deserve it to add a stylish accessory to your wardrobe, to spice up your outfit a little bit. Which one of these belts are you getting your hands on? Shop them here.

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