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Essential Bags

It’s a day to night essential!

There are just some things you need in life. And these bags, are definitely one of those things. It’s an essential! Elegance, style and functionality come together in the Balfoort and the Barends bag. Both in a different size, but with the same design.

A woman holding a camel leather bag

There’s nothing that quite compliments your outfit like a timeless leather bag! Our premium handcrafted leather bags are made with the finest Italian leather in India, where leather craftsmanship has been part of their heritage for generations. You can say that they are a true investment.

The bags we would like to highlight in this blog are the Balfoort and the Barends bag. Both real eye-catchers that you can use from day to night. Both bags have adjustable & removable straps that allow you to wear them in a different way. Even the studded belted strap can be replaced for a plain one!

Balfoort bag

The Balfoort bag is the perfect example for a multifunctional bag. From a professional meeting to a speedy errand or much-needed lunch with friends, everything is possible. Because of the two big pockets and zipper on the inside of the bag, you can organize it the way you like. The bag comes in three colors: cognac, camel and black.

Barends bag

The Barends bag is a casual clutch for those days where all you need is your cellphone, wallet, lipstick and some hand sanitizer, this belted leather beauty is a first pick! You will only carry your everyday essentials and organize them. The bag has two small pockets and one pocket with a zipper on the inside. It comes in three colors: cognac, camel and black.

A woman holding a studded black leather bag

Finally we would like to remind you of the fact that good quality leather changes over time! The skin will get softer and develop color changes. Our bags and belts are crafted with premium leather, which makes sure all our products become more beautiful over time with use and wear.

Just let these bags beautify as the time passes by, and your everyday essential leather bag will last a lifetime! Shop them here.

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