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Belt & Bag Combos You Need To See


amsterdam heritage blue leather clutch and silver cowhide belt

There are few better feelings than one you get walking out of the house in a perfectly curated outfit. Knowing that you are in perfect combination from head to toe will give you the extra boost of confidence you need in your day. When it comes to styling, we know that you can’t hold back on accessories. The perfect belt & bag combination will transcend an outfit making you question who the real power players in your wardrobe are. Whether you are not afraid to mix tones or into a more “matchy” approach, there is a perfect belt & bag combination out there for you.

Mix it up

When putting a look together, it’s always fun to consider mixing shades. A nice taupe belt creates a subtle statement & pairs perfectly with a cognac-brown bag. If monochromatic colors are in – we’re here to say it never left! This combination of tones will give off an effortless appeal while staying a bit edgy & unpredictable.

amsterdam heritage leather tote and studded beltamsterdam heritage studded leather tote and belt


It’s your style & you’re in charge so why shouldn’t you decide what colors get to stand out? A great way to pair a belt with a bag is by playing with all of the colors your presented. By picking up one of our studded belts, you get so many more tones to work with. Pick your favorite hue and bring it to life by perfectly pairing it with a handbag with draws the right amount of attention.

amsterdam heritage leather black bag and snake print leather beltamsterdam heritage leather clutch and studded belt


Matchy- Matchy

A wise man once said, “Keep It Simple Stupid” – so when in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with a perfect color match! Keeping your look cohesive will tell the room that your style is classic & sensible. A timeless pairing like this will sneak its way into more outfits than you expected. Black on black or brown on brown, these are the pairs you need for a look that’s safe & sound!

amsyerdam heritage black tote and beltamsterdam heritage leather bag and braided leather beltamsterdam heritage boho tote leather bag and leather belt

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