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Celebrating Earth Day

The very first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 around the world as a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Since then it has grown and there are now multiple events around the world organized by the Earth Day Network.

Making positive environmental changes can be quite intimidating but making one change in your life can make an impact to all of us. Your actions can spark positive actions in someone else! Challenging ourselves with this is similar to other daily challenges we take on like fitness or reading more. Here are some tips to start getting in the habit of being more environmentally conscious.

1. Use a reusable shopping bag! To make it easier for you to remember, leave them in your car or by your front door. You can shop our foldable and reusable shopping tote here. All orders placed on 4/22 will receive a free tote with the code: EARTHDAY


2. Shop local! Hit up your local farmer's market and shop in season produce and more.

citrus fruit

3. Set up a recycling system that works for YOU! Separate plastics from perishables along with glass & paper products that can be recycled. The easier to organize and sort the better so have a few bins available. 

recycling bin

4. Get into composting. Food scraps and yard waste make up more than 30 percent of what we throw away. Instead these items can be composted and added to soil that help plants grow. Read more about it here

green house plant

5. Cut down energy use. Don't leave the water running or lights on when you don't need them.

6. Drive less. This one can be difficult depending where you live, some ideas are setting up a car-pool, taking public transportation more or simply walking and biking more.

man on bike in amsterdam

If you want to go deeper, get involved locally. Find local opportunities to do more such as beach cleanups or other local green projects happening.

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